Country Line Dance Choreographer

Fabian Müller

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Catalan's Up

A Sunday afternoon full of Catalan Dances. That's what Catalan's Up stands for. Every month we come together in Roggwil, Switzerland for a Catalan trip.
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Workshops for everyone

Contact me for workshops. Whether workshops with my own dances or dances from other choreographers.

Line Dance Lessons

I'm teaching Catalan Line Dance Lessons in my town Langnau, Switzerland.
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On Tour

 21.-23.06.2024 Voghera Country Festival (For Fun)

28.-30.06.2024 Trucker Festival Interlaken (Workshop)

12.-14.07.2024 Crazy Bulls & Friends Ravenna (For Fun)

09.-11.08.2024 Wild West Fest Zbjlie (For Fun)

16.-18.08.2024 Swiss Catalan Days 2024 Brienz (Workshop)

22.-25.08.2024 Salardu Rock Festival (Workshop)

07.09.2024 Rock Tribute France (Workshop)

20.-22.09.2024 Indian Summer Milano (Workshop)

25.-27.10.2024 White Eagles Catalan Weilburg-Ahausen (Workshop)

01.-03.11.2024 4. Country Weekend Barby (Workshop)

23.11.2024 El Barn Contest (Contest)

03.-07.12.2024 Country Cruise (Workshop)

01.02.2025 Country Line Dance Schaan (Workshop)

15.02.2025 Big Catalan Day 9 Brienne-Le-Chateau (Workshop)

22.-23.02.2025 Catalan Event Toulouse (Workshop)

02.-04.05.2025 Wood & Boots Rome (Workshop)

30.05-02.06.2025 Happy Ranch (Workshop)

13.06-15.06.2025 Sweat & Dust Rome (Workshop)

03.-05.10.2025 Country Sierra Madrid (Workshop)

12.-14.12.2025 Jahresabschluss (Workshop)