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Fabian Müller

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Catalan's Up

A Sunday afternoon full of Catalan Dances. That's what Catalan's Up stands for. Every month we come together in Roggwil, Switzerland for a Catalan trip.
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Workshops for everyone

Contact me for workshops. Whether workshops with my own dances or dances from other choreographers.

Line Dance Lessons

I'm teaching Catalan Line Dance Lessons in my town Langnau, Switzerland.
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On Tour


03.09 10.22 Years Nada Cowboys (Worksho)

17.-18.19.22 Traumtänzer Berlin (Workshop)

24.-25.09.22 Indian Summer (Workshop)

30.09.-02.1022. Country Sierra (Just For Fun)

23.10.22 Circle Milano (Workshop)

05.11.22 Rottis Wallis (Workshop)

06.11.22 Oak Valley (Workshop)

18.-20.11.22 Teisendorf (Workshop)

25.-27.11.22 Neudörfl (Workshop)

10.12.22 Edelweiss (Workshop)

04.02.23 Knonau (Workshop)

10.02-12.02.23 Wild East Fest (Just For Fun)

18.02.23 Big Catalan Day (Just For Fun)

10.-12.03.23 Lloret (Workshop)

25.03.23 Mustang Minz (Workshop)

29.04-30.04.23 The Experience (Workshop)