Country Line Dance Choreographer

Fabian Müller

Line Dance Teacher and Choreographer of traditional and Catalan Line Dance

 A new chapter starts with a new action. In April 2013 the dancing chapter in my life started. On my vacation in San Diego I visited the club called “In Cahoots”. A friend of mine recommended this place, but I didn’t know what to expect. I took my first Line Dance Lesson where I learned the dance “Cut Loose” to Blake Shelton’s Footloose. This experience changed my life.


 Back in Switzerland I was searching for a Line Dance School. I found the show group Rodeo Liner Gang in Wolfwil. This show group was known for fast dances and good shows. After some training I became a Rodeo Liner Gang member in January 2014. At the same time I joined the Dancing School Sliding Boots for Classic Line Dance lessons. After the first international event in Voghera 2014 I decided to concentrate on Catalan dances and I left the Sliding Boots.

In summer 2014 I started to learn all the dances by myself and founded the dance group FIETS, a small group of young and talented people. As the teacher of this group I got experience in teaching and organizing. In September 2014 I choreographed my first dance “Fastest Roadrunner” and in December 2014 the second dance “About A Truck” followed. Only a few people have seen those dances at this time.


In 2015 came the breaking up with the Rodeo Liner Gang. The new time let me think about new things and after the second visit in Voghera new plans occured. With my friend Gabriela Pauli we organized our first own event in September 2015, the Catalan’s Up, which was a huge success and monthly event now. The event opened other doors and in November and December 2015 the new dances “Roots Of An Oak” and “I’ve Been Everywhere” were born. On the first Catalan’s Up in 2016 I taught “About A Truck” and also showed the new dance “I’ve Been Everywhere”. Both dances were highly approved by the people at the event.


Since March 2016 I'm officially teaching weekly at my own dancing school in Langnau. In the same month I also started giving workshops in other dancing schools and Line Dance events with my own dances or dances from other choreographers.

The year 2016 was full of occasions. Those include also the training course for becoming a SCWDA Line Dance Teacher, which I finished successfully in November 2016.


The first choreographies where all Catalan Style dances. Finally, in Mai 2018, I choreographed my first traditional Line Dance. "Pray Out Loud" is an West Coast Swing. Since then, the choreographies are in different styles, because Line Dance is for everyone and it brings us all together.


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